Corporate Social Responsibility

Power to inspire

In 2012, we set an ambitious goal of generating 15,000 employee volunteer hours within a span of 24 hours, accomplishing multiple, simultaneous CSR programs across all our global locations.

The goals were to institutionalize a global CSR Day, promote the spirit of volunteerism, and, most importantly, make a difference in youth welfare and education, since we consider the youth to be the caretakers of our future. We achieved and even exceeded those first-year goals.

Since then, our annual CSR Day has clocked in 187,736 volunteer hours, benefiting 56,522 children from 21 of our locations across five continents. The program has won three awards - from the UK-based National and European Outsourcing Associations, and the highest Award of Excellence from the Philippine Anvil and Quill organizations.

We wanted to inspire the youth. In the end, it was the children who inspired us – to be more and do more, to make a difference for them, and within ourselves.