Who We Are

SPi CRM is a pioneering leader in customer relationship management outsourcing in the Philippines. We deliver multi-lingual solutions to leading international and local companies covering the full customer engagement lifecycle from acquisition, to retention and on to enhancement. We have over 10,000 employees across the United States, Australia, Nicaragua, and the Philippines serving clients in diversified industries including media, telecommunications, travel and hospitality, financial services and e-commerce.

Our Vision-Mission-Values

We were raised on the philosophy ‘I am more’, with each person contributing to build a whole, greater than the sum of its parts. Now entering a new phase in our history, we’ve evolved from that focus on individuality to a fresh emphasis on synergy. We no longer ‘contribute’, but organically move as a unified entity, with resources strategically harnessed, pooled, and directed – multiplying our expertise and drive for excellence.

We are united – in collaboration with one another, in seamless integration with your business, and in unparalleled service to your customers.


Success inspires us.


  • To cultivate client relationships by treating each customer as royalty.

  • To retain our most important asset – our people, by enriching their lives through unparalleled opportunities.

  • To maximize shareholder value by delivering continuous and profitable growth.


Team is MoRE.

  • Trust

  • Excellence

  • Accountability

  • Malasakit

  • Meritocracy

  • REspect