Quality Controller/Proofreader

upper set
Job Description: 

Responsible for reading the proofs to deliver publishing requirements and providing administrative support where needed.

Location(s): Chennai, Pondicherry
Employment Type: Full-time

    Employment Type: 
    lower set
    • Monitors the jobs as per the schedule requirement from the team leaders and follows and complies with the accepted schedules on time every time, if not ahead of time
    • Information that comes from customers by way of email and hard copy is disseminated to the team members who in turn complete the work
    • Attends to all the resource requirements for effective functioning of the rank and file employees
    • Supports and attends to all customer requirements through customer support function people and sometimes directly to the customers, if required
    • Maintains support for the next line of members with absolute trust and dignity
    • Graduate of any college degree/diploma course
    • 1-3+ years relevant experience from the ePublishing field