Subject Matter Expert

upper set
Job Description: 

(Advanced Physics/Economics/Electrical Engineering/Mechanical Engineering/ Chemistry)

Responsible for identifying and answering specific subject related queries raised by professors, students or scholars.

Location(s): Chennai, Pondicherry
Employment Type: Full-time

    Employment Type: 
    Fresh Graduate
    lower set
    • Solves problems and addresses specific questions quickly
    • Answers questions raised accurately
    • Works closely with teammates to ensure quality output
    • Graduates of any of the following degrees:
      • B.Sc. (Physics) with M.Sc. (Physics) or M.Phil (Physics)
      • B.Sc. (Chemistry) with M.Sc. (Chemistry) or M.Phil (Chemistry)
      • M.A. Economics
      • B.E. (Electrical Engineering)
      • B.E. (Mechanical Engineering)
    • We also welcome fresh graduates who are confident, driven, and with great communication skills