Customer Relationship Management

Our expertise makes every interaction a revelation, for your customers and your company.

CRM made simple – you need to know how to best serve your customers, and they need to know that serving them is your top priority.

Customer Care

Meet your customer care goals as you interact, engage, and connect with your customers through any social media engagement. A deep knowledge of their wants and needs will help you deliver more personalized service through any device, and increase customer loyalty.

Our unparalleled front-end customer care engagement, issue resolution, and robust back-office processes yield industry-leading NPS scores that will prove valuable to your business.

  • Inbound Solutions

  • Outbound Solutions

  • Issue Resolution

  • Customer Acquisition

  • Customer Retention

  • Order Management

  • Warranty Services

  • Billing, Order, and Payment Processing

  • Insurance Claim Processing

  • Fraud Detection and Loss Prevention Calls

  • Dispatch Management

  • Dealer Location Calls

  • Foreign Language Support

Non-voice Solutions

It’s happening more and more – a customer starts a query on her phone, goes to the web to find out more, uses web chat to verify further, checks reviews on social media sites, then turns to the app to complete the purchase. Any point along the way is a potential gain or loss. If you’re unavailable, unclear, or unfriendly at any time, it’s so easy for customers to move on.

SPi CRM understands this, and provides solutions that keep you flexible, so you stay strong and consistent to your customers across all channels.

  • Email

  • Webchat

  • SMS

  • Data Analytics

  • Fax


Today’s customers are well-informed, research-oriented, tech-savvy, multi-experienced, and tend to be self-reliant and independent. They’ve probably already tried to solve the problem on their own, so when they come to you for help, you can be sure it’s not a simple question.

That’s why you need experts and professionals who are skilled and trained to handle a wide range of customer queries. Our helpdesk services include:

  • Tier 1 Transactional Services

  • Tier 2-3 Transactional Services

  • Order Management

  • Delivery/Distribution Transactional Management

SPi CRM consistently delivers value-added solutions that enhance performance and boost quality. These easily translate into successful and long-standing partnerships. Gain additional insight on how we can take charge of your business and outsourcing needs.