Human Resources Strategic Services

We take the load off your peoples’ shoulders, so they can set their sights on success.

Let us handle your business’s administrative tasks – payroll, benefits, and much more – and deliver them at the service level you deserve.


  • Timekeeping Transactions Upload

    Daily time and attendance of employees is the basis for regular payroll processing. As input to the payroll system, time data can be uploaded either through manual upload using an Excel template, or upload of extracted data from the timekeeping device.

  • Payroll Processing

    This includes not only the regular semi-monthly or monthly payroll, but other special payrolls such as bonuses, incentives, and SL and VL conversion.

  • Final Pay/Terminal Pay

    We provide accurate and timely computation of separated employees’ final pay.

  • Reconciliation of Gross and Tax

    This includes the monthly and annual gross and tax reconciliation, to ensure that withholding tax remitted to authorities such as the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) tallies with the Finance booking.

  • Generation of Alphalist

    Once Annual Gross and Tax is reconciled with the booking, this report is generated for submission to the BIR.

  • Preparation of Certificate of Income and Tax Withheld

    BIR FORM 2316 is generated once Alphalist is completed for BIR, employer, and employees’ reference.

  • Statutory Remittances

    Preparation of monthly premium contribution and loan payments to organizations like SSS, Philhealth, and Pag-ibig. Remittance can be done manually or online.


  • Government/statutory Transactions Processing

    This includes updating of tax exemptions, and enrolment of newly-hired employees in SSS, Pag-ibig and Philhealth.

  • Government Benefits Processing

    This includes processing of SSS sick leave and maternity claims, filing, and claiming and releasing of checks to employees.

  • Government Loans Processing

    This includes validation as to accuracy and completeness of loan forms, as well as filing, claiming, and releasing of checks to employees.

  • Preparation of Certificate of Government Contributions

    This certificate is generated as requested by employees in filing Philhealth hospitalization claims and for any unposted payments.

  • Preparation of Certificate of Loan Payments

    This certificate is generated as requested by employees, in cases of unposted loan payments from SSS and Pag-ibig.

Other HRSS Special Services

  • Company Benefits Processing

    This includes life insurance processing, enrolment of dependents in insurance companies, and processing of insurance claims.

  • Clearance Monitoring of Separated Employees

    Accurate clearance control and monitoring is needed to ensure that all accountabilities of a resigning employee are deducted from the final pay.

  • Preparation of Certificate of Employment

    This is generated as per request of both active and separated employees for personal use, including travel requirements, new employment, and credit card application.

  • Sending Out of Demand Letters to Resigned Employees

    A letter of demand is prepared to a separated employee to settle the negative balances from the computed separation/final pay.

  • Loans Administration

    This is the control and monitoring of company loans availed of by employees, to ensure 100% collection.

  • Processing of baby kits/goody bags/funeral wreaths

    We ensure timely delivery of company benefits such as baby kits for employees who recently gave birth, goody bags for hospitalized employees or dependents, and ordering of funeral wreaths for deceased employees or dependents.

  • Uniform Administration

    We handle uniform issuance to employees. This includes assistance during design selection and uniform measurement, on top of encoding of employees’ measurements, deliveries, and repairs, as well as the processing of progress billing per contractor.