Social Media Response Management

With our expertise, never miss a chance to make a big hit with your customer base!

Every time someone mentions your company online, it’s an opportunity to build your brand in front of a potentially-enormous audience. Customers are increasingly turning to social media to seek information, post a question, express an opinion, and even complete a purchase. It’s changing the way business is done - and we can help you keep pace.

Our Social Media Response Management (SMRM) solution, SPi Engage, enables you to attract and retain new customers, and maximize customer interaction, by managing incoming and outgoing online activities to strengthen brand value. Then we help you develop and implement a solid response-and-resolution social media strategy, to further strengthen your competitive advantage.

We follow three simple steps to effectively keep track of online communications:

  • Discovering real-time, relevant, and impactful conversations, and keeping track of consumer posting

  • Monitoring, analyzing, and tracking conversations. Mentions are coded for positive and negative sentiments, and themes are established, to determine which are generating a lot of conversations, and track corresponding followers. Negative sentiments are further analyzed to identify opportunities for improvement, measure unsolicited online CSAT results, and respond to a new engagement channel. Positive sentiments aid in identifying category wins, and enable re-posting of messages for brand value, which ultimately helps in establishing value-added customer services.

  • Managing real-time responses and dialogue with customers

SPi Engage uses a cloud-based platform that supports your customer service, technical support, and sales support organizations. This is part of a complete social media response management system that enables us to quickly, easily, and affordably add a managed interaction channel to marketing response and customer service operations.

Our platform allows for:

  • Capture and collection: to target and capture relevant posts and requests from a variety of different social media platforms

  • Classification and analysis: to count, classify, and track sources, issues, type, sentiment, and more

  • Automated response: to automatically respond to posts, based on capture and collection rules, using response templates that we help you develop

  • Integrated text and video agent: to take the conversation private when needed, ensuring protection of your customers’ confidential information

  • Monitoring and tracking: Eventually responding to, engaging with, and resolving issues raised by individuals posting on social media networks about your company, your product, or your service